The Joint Conference of ASCM2009 and MACIS2009
@ JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka Japan, Dec.14-17



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Invited Talks

Change of Invited Speaker

The invited talk "a new symbolic method for linear boundary value problem using Groebner bases" will be given by Dr. Markus Rosenkranz who is a collaborator of Prof. Bruno Buchberger.
Dr. Markus Rosenkranz (RICAM Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
"A New Symbolic Method for Linear Boundary Value Problems Using Groebner Bases"
Professor Toshinori Oaku (Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan)
"Holonomic functions revisited"
Professor Kokichi Sugihara (Meiji University, Japan)
"Computational Illusion --- Toward Escher and beyond Escher"
Professor Lihong Zhi (Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, China)
"A Symbolic-numeric Algorithm for Computing the Multiple Roots of Polynomial Systems Accurately"

ASCM 2009 regular session

Franšois Boulier, Changbo Chen, Franšois Lemaire and Marc Moreno Maza
"Real Root Isolation of Regular Chains"
Howard Cheng and George Labahn
"A Practical Implementation of a Modular Algorithm for Ore Polynomial Matrices"
Xavier Dahan and Jean-Pierre Tillich
"Ramanujan graphs of larger girth"
Barry Drake, Jingu Kim, Mahendra Mallick and Haesun Park
"Raman Spectra Estimation with Classical and Nonnegative Weighted Least Squares"
Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Yang Zhang
"Computing Popov Forms of Matrices over PBW Extensions"
Shutaro Inoue and Akira Nagai
"On the Implementation of Boolean Gröbner Base"
Hidenao Iwane, Hitoshi Yanami and Hirokazu Anai
"A Symbolic-Numeric Approach to Some Classes of Parametric Optimization Problems for Manufacturing Design"
Takuya Kitamoto and Tetsu Yamaguchi
"Design of a PI controller with H ∞ performance and step response constraints"
Heinz Kredel
"Comprehensive Gr÷bner Bases in a Java Computer Algebra System"
Takaki Kubo
"Computing Monodromy Groups defined by Plane Algebraic Curves by using Extended Hensel Construction"
Ming-Gong Lee and Rei-Wei Song
"A Family of Block Numerical Multistage-Multistep Method"
Katsusuke Nabeshima
"PGB: A package for computing parametric polynomial systems"
Katsusuke Nabeshima, Yayoi Nakamura and Shin'ichi Tajima
"An Algorithm to Compute Parametric Standard Bases Using Algebraic Local Cohomology for Zero Dimensional Ideals"
Masakazu Naitou, Toshiyuki Yamauchi, Taishi Inoue, Yuuki Tomari, Koichiro Nishimura, Takuma Nakaoka, Soh Tatsumi, Ryohei Miyadera, Wataru Ogasa and Daisuke Minematsu
"Discrete Mathematics and Computer Algebra System"
Katsuyoshi OHARA and Shin'ichi Tajima
"Spectral Decomposition and Eigenvectors of Matrices by Residue analysis"
Sylvain Petitjean
"Characterizing the Intersection Pattern of Two Conics: A Bezoutian-Based Approach"
Michael Sagraloff, Michael Kerber and Michael Hemmer
"Certified Complex Root Isolation via Adaptive Root Separation Bounds"
Tateaki Sasaki
"Practical Method for Floating-point Gr÷bner Basis Computation"
Tateaki Sasaki and Daiju Inaba
"Series Expansion of Multivariate Algebraic Functions at Singular Points -- Nonmonic Case --"
Hiroshi Sekigawa
"A Sequence of Nearest Polynomials with Given Factors"
Yao Sun and Dingkang Wang
"The Implementation and Complexity Analysis of the Branch Groebner Bases Algorithm over Boolean Ring"
Akira Suzuki
"Computing Boolean Gr÷bner Bases within Linear Algebra"
Kengo Taira and Seiji Fujino
"Finite Element Time Domain Method for Electromagnetic Wave Problems"
Akira Terui
"GPGCD, an Iterative Method for Calculating Approximate GCD of Univariate Polynomials, with the Complex Coefficients"
Chun Xiong, Tom Kelsey, Steve Linton and Ulf Leonhardt
"Towards the calculation of Casimir forces for inhomogeneous planar media"

ASCM Special Session:
Computational Algebraic Number Theory

Yoshinori Aono
"Simplifcation of the lattice based attack of Boneh and Durfee for RSA cryptoanalysis"
Akinari Hoshi
"On the simplest quartic felds and related Thue equations"
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Javadi and Michael Monagan
"In-place Arithmetic for Univariate Polynomials over an Algebraic Number Field"

Digitizing Mathematics

David Ruddy, (invited talk by the session) title will be announced
John Gardner, Vladimir Bulatov, Masakazu Suzuki and KatsuhitoYamaguchi
" Audio/Visual/Tactual Presentation of Scientific Graphics"
Walaa ALY, Seiichi UCHIDA and Masakazu SUZUKI
"Extract Baseline Information Using Support Vector Machine"
Mihai Grigore, Magdalena Wolska and Michael Kohlhase
"Towards context-based disambiguation of mathematical expressions"
Petr Sojka
"Digitisation Workflow in the Czech Digital Mathematics Library"
Oleg Golubitsky, Vadim Mazalov and Stephen Watt
"Orientation-Independent Recognition of Handwritten Characters with Integral Invariants"

Organized session:
Validated Numerical Computation

Xiaojun Chen, Andreas Frommer, Bruno Lang
"Computational Existence Proofs for Spherical t-Designs"
Takashi Hisakado, Masakazu Yagi
"Error Bound for Harmonic Balance Method Using Gr÷bner Base"
Kaori Nagatou
"Computer Assisted Proofs for Spectral Problems"
Shin'ichi Oishi, Akitoshi Takayasu, Takayuki Kubo
"Numerical Verification Method for Nonlinear Differential Equations"
Daniel Wilczak
"Rigorous numerics for homoclinic dynamics"
Nobito Yamamoto, Ryuji Ukawa, Nozomu Matsuda
"Construction of an automatic validated computation for boundary value problems of ODEs"


Polynomial system solving

Changbo Chen, and Marc Moreno Maza

"Intersection Formulas and Algorithms for Computing Triangular Decompositions"
Jin-San Cheng, Xiao-Shan Gao, and Leilei Guo
"Root Isolation of Zero-dimensional Polynomial Systems with Linear Univariate Representation"
Antoine Colin, and Marc Giusti
"Efficient computation of square-free Lagrange resolvents"
Xavier Dahan
"On some probabilistic aspects around modular methods"
William Hanan, Dagash Mehta, Guillaume Moroz, and Sepanda Pouryahya
"Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Coupled Fitzhugh-Nagumo Oscillators"
Francisco Jesus Castro-Jiménez, Manuel Jesus Gago-Vargas, Maria Isabel Hartillo, Justo Puerto, and Jose Maria Ucha
"Computer Algebra for Integer Portfolio problems"
Daniel Lazard
"Algebraic points in geometry and application to CAD"
Fabrice Rouillier and Rong Xiao
"On Using Triangular Decomposition for Solving Parametric Polynomial Systems"

Systems and Control

Hiroyuki Ichihara, and Hirokazu Anai
"A Sum of Squares Approach to Nonlinear Gain Analysis of a Class of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems"
Takuya Kitamoto, and Tetsu Yamaguchi
"On the computation of the optimal H ∞ norm of a parametric system achievable by a feedback controller"
Xiaoliang Li, Chenqi Mou, Wei Niu, and Dongming Wang
"Stability Analysis for Discrete Biological Models Using Algebraic Methods"
Fu-Cheng Wang, Hsiang-An Chan, Jason Zheng Jiang, and Malcolm C. Smith
"Optimization and Synthesis for a Mechatronic System"
Hiroshi Yoshida, and Kinji Kimura
"Algebraic approaches to underdetermined systems"

Software Science

Robert van Engelen
"Automatically Generating High-Performance Parallel Code for Atmospheric Simulation Models: Challenges and Solutions for Auto-Programming Tools"
Tudor Jebelean
"Practical Aspects of Logical Based Algorithm Synthesis"
Jeremy Johnson
"SPIRAL and Beyond: Automatic Derivation and Optimization of DSP Algorithms and More"
Nittaya Kerdprasop, and Kittisak Kerdprasopv
"A logic-based approach to the implementation of medical knowledge mining"
Gabriel Dos Reis, and Bjarne Stroustrup
"A Principled, Complete, and Efficient Representation of C++"
Stephen Watt
"On the Future of Computer Algebra Systems at the Threshold of 2010"
Kittisak Kerdprasop and Nittaya Kerdprasop
"Automated induction of frequent patterns with knowledge-based software engineering" [short talk]


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