ASCM 2009 Special Session on Validated Numerical Computation

JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka Japan, Dec.14-17
Organizer: Mitsuhiro Nakao (Kyushu Univesity, Japan)

This organized session includes 6 invited talks concerning research field. It is a purpose of our session to give a state of the art for the validated numerical computations. All speakers have been devoted for years to study of their own research subjects. Several kinds of leading principles of the verification methods will be presented by showing interesting and important numerial examples in computational and/or mathematical sciences. Namely, it includes basic ideas of validation for fundamental arithetic with guaranteed accuracy, linear/nonlinear equations in finite dimension, as well as numerical enclosure of solutions for differential equations. In order to attain their purposes, they will report on the efficiently use not only guaranteed numerical computations based on interval arithmetic but also various kinds of symbolic manipulations. And these results would also confirm us the actual effectiveness of the computer assisted approaches for the proofs in mathematical problems. The organizer believes that presentations and related discussions in this session should be useful for the audience to recognize a strong and essential connections between symbolic and numeric computations